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CANDIDATE DAN PATRICK FOR LT GOV of TX - Describes what Dewhurst did before WENDY DAVIS' FILIBUSTER. Dewhurst, a republican, APPOINTS DEMOCRATS TO HEAD UP HIS COMMITTEES -- 12/13 ▶ Texas Talk: Dan Patrick, State Senator & Lt. Gov. Candidate Makes His Case

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REMEMBER 2010? The media never helps republicans or do they? Only when it benefits the democrats -- Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska LOST HER SENATE SEAT in the republican primaries but somehow kept her seat with write-in votes. Alaska "Journalists" Plot Joe Miller Hit Piece. Miller had to wear a bullet proof vest the night he won.

The Middletown Insider: Election 2016: Trump and the Republican Party - Listen as President Larry P. Arnn joins, syndicated radio host, Hugh Hewitt to discuss the impact of Donald Trump on the Republican primaries in this Hillsdale Dialogue which was recorded just before the Indiana primaries.

GOP Debate Schedule 2016

The Koch Brothers Group spent $122M in 2012, in their efforts to "buy" our elected leaders, (funds that could otherwise be used to pay their taxes)! Since "affordability" doesn't seem to be the issue, what is the issue then? Could it be hate?

'Get ready for the whiplash,' says Paul Street, predicting that anti-Trump Republicans will assist HRC to push the Democratic Party even further right, once Sanders’ supporters are pacified. The Democratic Party is about to shift from one that allows a 'democratic socialist' to go however far left in the primaries, to becoming the truly explicit party of the ruling class in the US. • Predicted in May 2016 on Black Agenda Report

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Register to vote! Get your application here! DOWNLOAD A FORM, FILL IN AND MAIL - BY OCTOBER 9! College students away from home - can register at college and vote there, or request a mail ballot, or be in the county for early voting.

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