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#MalcolmX #oppression It's still happening... A few examples: A discussion of the terrorism propaganda that has been used to justify wars of aggression in the name of a so-called democracy, &that has been painting victims as criminals, another example is given by whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg who talks about the unjustified, criminal wars in Vietnam and Irak. Another example…


Hillary Clinton is now more than 2.8 million votes ahead of Donald Trump

Trump wins in landslide......he can actually claim (lie) with a straight face this "fact".


It started with Trickle Down economics, continued with the GOP embrace of the Tea Party, and finished with McConnell making it a personal mission to block Obama on everything, regardless of the American peoples' needs following the financial crisis. You created this new GOP and have to live with the consequences


“Meditation Lesson 1, Part 24 – The Real ‘S’ word” -


LOL! Somebody had to say it, and I'm glad it was Monty Python star John Cleese. Image by Occupy Democrats.


On this day, Feb 28, 1854, the United States Republican Party is founded by anti-slavery expansion activists (ex-Whigs, ex-Free Soilers, and modernizers). It is commonly called GOP, standing for Grand Old Party. Abraham Lincoln was the country's first Republican President, whose term was 1861-1865.

The GOP of 2017 Is the Most Extreme Party Coalition Since the Civil War, and the Outlook Is Bleak


The Democrat party was the first political party in the US & they owned slaves & made so much profit from slavery that they fought tooth & nail to keep slavery legal. The Republican party was started to END SLAVERY & the Democratic party continued to put up a fight to keep slavery legal & keep blacks from voting. The Democratic party started the Klu Klux Klan to frighten & intimidate blacks & those white sympathizers. Republican party is not racist. That is the party that freed the black…