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Going to have one of these to divide the main garden from the vegetables. Create secret garden style areas.

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Wisteria one trellis. Would like this going up and around the front door and hanging down over the Juliette balcony

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Choisya ternata C. ternata is a rounded, medium-sized bushy evergreen shrub, with dark, glossy green leaves divided into three broad leaflets. Flowers pure white, scented, often appearing fitfully into winter

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22 Food Scraps that Magically Regrow

Recycling is great, especially when you can recycle your food. Stop throwing those old scraps away, because believe it or not, those veggies can be regrown! Here are 22 foods that magically regrow, you’ll never have to buy celery again!

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5 easy ways to give a terracotta plant pot a new look

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Propagating Rosemary (lavender, etc.) - How-to root in water, but water roots are weaker than those started in soil. Commenter Sebette says: "I have my rosemary cuttings rooting nicely in damp potting soil in old six packs. I worked on an herb farm doing propagation and we did all the perennial herbs this way. Cut 2-3 pieces about 3 inches long, strip off the lower leaves, dip, poke hole in soil, place in hole, snug in and wait. By putting in more sprigs to start you get a bushier plant."

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Agapanthus - these are half a meter high or so - flower head stalks usually four or five cm. Good for bulk as well as colour in a bouquet.

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Sago palm aren't ever touched by deer. They are evergreen in the south, will come back after freezing if the roots don't freeze. They 'make babies' you split off with a shovel and replant. GREAT plant!

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Create a beautiful display of your favourite garden plants in this set of two rustic planters, which offers an attractive alternative to the usual terracotta pots.

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