TIP: When removing putty from a pane that isn't broken, Tom holds a piece of metal flashing over the glass to dissipate the heat.

Expert Techniques for Reglazing a Window

Remove broken glass and pry out any old putty with a painter's tool, softening with a heat gun if needed.

Old window pane cabinet. Use pallets, old window, possibly replace glass with mirrors for cabinet.

Repurposing old windows, with old barn wood, to make a little cabinet. Change out the door on a cabinet with an old window- I have so many

Repurposed Old Windows

25 Repurposed Old Window Ideas to Add Charm to Your Home

Looking for fun decor and have windows left over from your replacement? Here are some fun ideas to use those old windows around your house.

made from an old door...An old window could work for smaller spaces!!

From Curb Side Door to First Impression Art Piece!

I found an old door that would work for this project. Old Door Turned "Hallway Mantle" It would be cute to put pictures behind each window of the door

Love the Fixer Upper look? A little bit of paint and sandpaper took these window panes from lackluster to lovely!

Vintage window panes are a great way to get that rustic farmhouse, touch-of-modern, Fixer Upper look that everyone is after these days.

How to Make Old Windows Into Mirrors | Home Guides | SF Gate

How to Make Old Windows Into Mirrors

Window grid inserts can add the look of history and heritage to the home. You can design and assemble the window grid to suit your personal preferences and home design.

DIY Cleaning: Window Frames Look New Again

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