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Naturally Repair Wood With Vinegar and Canola Oil

Naturally Repair Wood With Vinegar and Canola Oil. ~ Use 3/4 cup of oil, add 1/4 cup vinegar. white or apple cider vinegar, mix it in a jar, then rub it into the wood. You don’t need to wipe it off; the wood just soaks it in.


Repairing/Filling Missing or Damaged Veneer

Not sure how useful this is for trying to maintain the wood appearance, but I guess if a piece can't be saved this is the way to go

How To Paint Furniture: A Beginner's Guide


Naturally repair furniture finishes! Just a mixture of 3/4 cup of Castor Oil (this oil will not become rancid like cooking oils) and 1/4 cup vinegar. Mix together and dip a rag in it and simply wipe... Voila!! (wala!)


An Early Fall Mantel & Using a Pinterest Tip

How to use coconut oil to refinish wood furniture. It brings out the woods natural color, re-hydrates the wood, and takes away some of that old musty smell.