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10 online businesses for entrepreneurs

10 online businesses for entrepreneurs, a lifestyle post from the blog For Working Ladies, written by For Working Ladies on Bloglovin’

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9 Inexpensive Decorating Tips For Renters

Just moved into a new rented property and found out you can't hang items on the wall or paint? Fear not! Here are 9 Inexpensive Decorating Tips For Renters

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great passive solar design- I would plant row of deciduous trees in front of glass so that in the winter that could act as a giant trombe wall but be shaded to keep it cool in the summer. Trees that max out at 2 stories would allow south face 3rd level roof to accommodate panels!

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5 cheap(ish) updates for a stylish kitchen

Display those utensils you use regularly in a wooden tray on your worktop - it looks great and it's very practical!

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Renting Out A Room In Your House For Extra Money

Renting Out A Room In Your House For Extra Money. There are many things to think about if you are interested in renting out a room in your house. It’s not an easy decision and will require some thought. Some people love the extra cash that renting a room in your house brings, while others just aren’t meant to live with others.

SEMPATAP THERMAL SOLID WALL INSULATION is a remarkable thermal insulation which, when applied inside the property on the external walls, substantially reduces heat loss making rooms immediately feel warmer. It is often referred to as “magic wallpaper”, “insulated wallpaper” or ‘flexible insulating lining’.

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New Mexico

"The Pheonix" an Earthship shows off it's artistic indoor gazebo within the front chamber of this self sustaining home located in New Mexico. You can actually rent this model nightly!

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10 Kitchen Pantry Ideas for Your Home

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Mendip Churchill wood burning and multi fuel stove we installed in Bradford recently. We knocked out the customers chimney breast to reveal the original brick work at the back, supplied a slate hearth and oak beam.

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30 Cool Man Cave Stuff Ideas

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