Previews from the Charles Edwards Photoshoot in Julia Boston's London Town House | CHARLES EDWARDS

Try using soft sage door colour for that chic country house. Great against the white brickwork. Looking for: pale blue front door, white brick house Carmen Darwin for Evolution House

Many believe they'll never be able to travel because of money. They believe travel is for the rich. Here's how to change that mindset and live your dreams.

How to Change the "I'm Too Poor to Travel" Mindset

New York Times bestseller!No money? No problem. You can start packing your bags for that trip you've been dreaming a lifetime about.For more than half a decade, Matt Kepnes (aka Nomadic Matt) has been showing readers of his enormously popular trav.

In case I need to cry. The London Underground Rent Map: Where You Can't Afford to Live, by Stop

The London Underground Rent Map: Where You Can't Afford to Live, by Stop

The London Underground Rent Map: Where You Can't Afford to Live, by Stop. Jason Allen for Thrillist replaced station names on the London Tube map with median rent prices for a one-bedroom apartment in the area.

I love these simple, open computer stations in the family room.  Great chairs too.

Jon & Liezel's New Bloomsbury Home

When two people live together in an apartment, a double desk is one way to maximize your home office. Rather than have two separate work areas, which would eat up more space, a double desk consolidates everything into one long surface.

Carole Poirot's rented flat in Southeast London

do you have a sunny corner?

Being a landlord comes with a lot of demands -- creating lease agreements, screening tenants, shelling out eviction notices, following fair housing laws and marketing -- that can easily become overwhelming, especially for first-timers and owners of multiple rental properties.

The will become our second rental property! We have been fortunate to put together a great remodeling crew, and we're trying to keep them busy!

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Awesome Great Garage Design Ideas Garage is important place in your home since you would place many things in that room, including your cars, motorcycles, or others. Beside that, garag.

Warwick Castle, England.

Warwick Castle, a medieval castle developed from an original built by William the Conqueror in Warwick is the county town of Warwickshire, England, situated on a bend of the River Avon.

the cutest country cottage!

Fig Tree Cottage: English Country Style in Australia

I love the look but what stood out for me is the picket fence. It brought back a sweet memory of my great grandmother's house. She loved gardening and had a white picket fence that circled her property. She had a beautiful garden.

This gorgeous kitchen is in a south London home, available to rent for your next video or catalog shoot through jj Locations. This means that from day to day, no one actually lives there, which is a real shame, because this might be the most beautiful kitchen in the world. You could make a trip to London, book the house for a few days, and play make-believe — or you could just steal some of these design ideas for your own space.

7 Ideas to Steal from a Beautiful British Kitchen

Did you know that in residential kitchens, black upper cabinets + marble + rough wood lower cabinets are in? Not to mention, beautiful together! You'll also see wood counter tops and white cabinets together!

10 Beautiful Rooms - Mad About The House

10 Beautiful Rooms