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Renew My Driving Licence

This is a must!!! Give it another 4 years! :) if I want to drive an classic Chevy Impala and a TVR then I need to drive!! :)

8 is a fast and easy way to renew or replace your Florida driver license or identification card, renew or replace your motor vehicle, vessel or mobile home registration, or obtain a paper title.


Online Driver Licensing Renewal

Katyani Training School is a prominent service provider that provide services related to heavy motor driving school that requires special type of training and special care. Our offered services includes theoretical as well as practical training.

Florida Motor Vehicles' On-line Appointment Service and Information System (OASIS)


Doreetha Daniels: a self-reliant, creative woman, and the matriarch of her loving family. Stories abound about her beautiful crafts and her famous candy made yearly at Christmas time. She is also an adventurer who loves to travel. She enjoys accompanying her son on his work trips, covering hundreds of miles in one day, and often splitting the driving. At age 97 she had her license renewed for 3 years. She is currently attending college toward an AA degree.

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