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I honestly love this gif of Remus so much because he’s just SO DONE with Sirius. He goes from being “Sirius, you have a wand to your throat. Now is not the time to start getting sassy and insult the person holding said wand” to “you know what, screw it. Do whatever the heck you want. I’m done. Why do I even bother with this crap?” And you just KNOW that this exact same situation happened regularly while they were at school together.

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Day 16: Who is your favorite professor? Professor Remus Lupin is an amazing teacher. I hope to impact kids lives the way that he did Harry's.

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Daniel Radcliffe chose to wear a cardigan in the Room of Requirement scenes because of Remus Lupin

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This definitely happened in which case he probably earned s strong punch or growl

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PLEASE NO. OH THE FEELS. I think Remus Lupin is under appreciated. He died…

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THIS. THIS is why I hate Snape so much. Everyone says he's such a tragic hero, but he's NOT. He's a bully, and instead of taking kids under his wing, because he KNOWS what it's like to be bullied, he bullies them more than anyone else. Snape is not a tragic hero. A tragic person, sure. But Snape was never a hero. And Remus Lupin was. Every day.

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Remus Lupin by Michelle's world of art! I dont like many of the good characters in Harry Potter, but Lupin... he is a really nice character.

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