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Veterinary experts share what you need to know to prevent ticks from getting on your dog, as well as foolproof tips on how to get a tick out of a dog.

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Bugs, Beware! How to Repel and Remove Ticks

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Ticks are a major problem for both dogs and humans because of the dangerous diseases they carry and transmit. Even when you take precautions, you may find a tick on your dog, typically seen as a bump or swollen area with a tick burrowed just under your dogs skin.  Prompt and proper removal of ticks is important in preventing an attached tick from transmitting an infection to your dog. It can take between 24 and...


Removing ticks from your cat or dog can be tricky. Follow these tick removal tips, but call your trusted veterinarian if you have concerns.


How to remove a tick from a dog

How to remove a tick without tweezers. I have used this method on my dog as well as my kids and it works every time! You have to be patient and gentle, you don't want to "twist" the tick, it's more like annoying it. The tick backs right out.

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Protecting Your Dog from Ticks