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Companion Animals (Pets)

IMPORTANT: Check for and remove ticks from your companion animal! Your dog, cat or other companion will thank you! Thanks @carringtonedu!

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Remove tick safely by apply small amount of dish soap on a cotton ball. Cover the tick with soap soaked cotton ball. Blot it for a few seconds (15-20). The tick will spontaneous detach and stick to the cotton as you remove it.

Learn how to remove ticks safely from your dog with tweezers or a tick removal tool.

There is a right way and a wrong way to remove ticks from your pets and now that the Spring and Summer months are here, it’s the perfect time to learn how to do it properly. Ticks are one of the worst enemies of dogs and cats because of the variety of diseases they can carry as well as other issues they can cause like tick paralysis. Dogs especially love to spend time outdoors so if you are armed with the proper info, it can be an enjoyable season for both of you. Let’s first take a look at…

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How to Remove a Tick on a Dog

Camping with your dog? Dogs pick up ticks, know how to remove ticks from your dog :)

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Learn how to safely remove #ticks from your #dog with this quick guide:

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