Removing years of bad paint decisions from hinges and door knobs. Easy as water, heat, and baking soda. I actually did this in my old bungalow. Really very easy, butr emember, metal gets hot people.... I may or may not have burned myself.

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photos on metal. Gel medium, foam brush, photo printed (in reverse) on regular paper with a laser printer (not inkjet), metal. Apply a layer of gel to clean metal, apply printed photo face down on gel, smooth with finger. Let dry for 24 hours. Dampen paper and rub off all paper, image will stay on the metal. Seal with more medium or modge podge.

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Bad paint job? Need to fix a small mistake? Here are two easy methods of removing paint from metal. Works with acrylic AND spray paint.

How To Remove Paint From Hinges And Hardware...

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Different techniques are used for stripping wicker and metal than those used for stripping paint from wood. Learn how, from

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