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Take care when removing the background around the intricate patterns. Use small tools such as a 2mm gouge

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Potting area. Great idea with the tubs and bowls under the bench to hold different types of compost/soil. J

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Pull up a post using a car jack and a short length of timber nailed on the side…

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Lightroom tips: 6 quick tricks for giving your portraits a professional finish

123Next » Use these surefire Adobe Lightroom tips to remove unwanted blemishes, soften skin and boost

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How to remove yourself from Google Analytics Data. Three easy methods to exclude internal traffic

In this post, I’ll show you three easy methods to remove yourself from Google Analytics data. One of the methods requires excluding your IP address from Google Analytics, the second is an exclusion setting in Google Analytics WordPress plugin and the third one is quite radical, but it works if you have a dynamic IP address (which changes every day or once a week) but it has a huge downside.

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