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This stunning western, red Cedar, pivoting door creates a real focal point in the hallway. The mechanism means that doors can be made wider than they are tall and still remain sturdy.

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∆ Abalone... holds the energy of the ocean, bringing strong healing and soothing energy. Carrying it with you allows you to remain connected to the ocean's energy, even when you are on land.

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Samburu society is a gentocracy, meaning older people are given the highest social status,...

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IRWIN Tools STRAIT-LINE Magnetic Box Beam Level, 72-inch (2035105), Model: 2035105, Hardware Store. Designed for optimal accuracy and durability. Made of premium-grade aluminum for unrivaled strength. Resists warping, twisting, and bending. Guaranteed to remain accurate, even after a 2-story drop or. Vials never break, fade, fog, leak or develop static charge. Luminous backing means easier readouts. Rare earth magnets are 5 times stronger than strip magnets and allow for easy, hands-free…

Sneaky: The 'tattoos' mean that when the hair is pulled up into a ponytail or bun you can see the design, but it remains hidden when the hair is down

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Families come about in all shapes and sizes: ‘natural’ pregnancy, fertility treatment, donor conception, surrogacy and adoption are among the paths available to us. This doesn’t mean it’s always a straightforward or stress-free process. From my own experience, it was a time of difficult choices, endless research, and questions – many of which remained unanswered. The Fertility Toolkit includes a number of different aids to support you on your path to becoming a parent.

Fresh blue Tapestry patchwork tiles from the Odyssey collection by Original Style. The tradition of woven and embroidered tapestry dates back for centuries. But that doesn't mean the idea is old-fashioned. Far from it - this collection of tiles inspired by stitched and embroidered fabrics looks right up to date. Combine into a patchwork to make a crisp fresh panel for a kitchen or as a bathroom splashback.

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