Is Grandma's old china hutch worth a fortune? Or are you better off hauling it to the street corner with a sign that says "Free Stuff?" If you've ever wondered if a $25 garage sale find could end up being worth a fortune at an antique furniture auction, check out this infographic about the Antiques Roadshow. Learn about their biggest appraisals as well as what you need to know to go on the show.

THE SCIENCE OF SLEEPING. A good nights rest is essential for helping with pressure levels and to keep stress at bay!

The primary symptoms of narcolepsy are  excessive daytime sleepiness  (with or without sudden sleep episodes) and  abnormal REM sleep . Oth...

Research has found that sleep deprivation can have a detrimental effect on your brain function, writes Theresa Fisher. Pinpointing parts of the brain and how sleep deprivation effects.

The 10 most common dreams and their meanings infographic photography

This pins interprets the dreams . This pin will only mention the ten most common dreams and the meaning of them. The 10 most common dreams and their meanings infographic photography

Sleep Mystery – You Get Dream At REM But Nightmares At Non REM Sleep Cycle Finding The Right REM Sleep Disorder Treatment

This is relevant because of all of the stages included in sleeping. When you dreams occur, there is REM. But when nightmares occur, its At Non REM

We’ve created a visually beautiful explanation of how to get started with lucid dreaming or the art of controlling your dreams when you sleep. Lucid dreaming is a proven ability to control what you dream about and be aware of yourself dreaming as you’re actually dreaming. #infographics

This is relevant to the topic, becuase lucid dreaming is a form of a dream such as sleep walking. It relates to Freud and his dream analysis theories.

Your Brain on Sleep: What Happens To the Mind & Body During the 5 Stages of Your Sleep Cycle [Infographic], via @HubSpot

This post explains the five stages of sleep and the results of sleep deprivation. It also mentions how much sleep each age group requires.

The different stages of sleep

This pin focuses on the different stages of sleep and exactly how long each one is. Additionally, it gives the name of the specific brain wave in each cycle.