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Religion In The Philippines | Goldem mosque (Manila, Philippines) | islam in Philippines represents the 10% of the population (Mindanao Islands) it is the second most important religion (after catholic church)

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70,000 Muslim clerics just issued a fatwa against terrorism

Nearly 70,000 Indian Muslim clerics have signed a fatwa against Isis and other terror groups saying they were "not Islamic organisations". Around 1.5 million Muslims visiting a shrine dedicated to a Sufi Islamic saint near the city of Ajmer in north western state of Rajasthan during the Urs religious festival  have signed a petition against terrorist attacks.


St. Rose of Lima, is the 1st person canonized a saint in the Americas and is considered the patron of Latin America and the Philippines.


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A religious/luck altar in a local diner. Like many cultures shaped by various waves of colonialism religion in the Philippines is a strange mix of different faiths.

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'Moses was high on hallucinogenic drug when he received Ten Commandments,' claims top academic

'Moses was high on hallucinogenic drug when he received Ten Commandments,'…