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from Kate In LA

17 Photos That Will Inspire You To Travel

Hanging Monastery - China. It is literally on the side of a cliff and is the only temple which combines the 3 main traditional chinese religions: Buddhism, Taoism & Confucionism.


I'm not a buddhist ( wish i would but i am just not friendly enough), but this would be amazing to see in person: Buddha at Lingshan, Jiangsu, China


Ruling, Resources and Religion in China: Managing the Multiethnic State in the 21st Century (Hardcover)

This is a Taoist temple in Macau, China; offerings are made by burning candles or incense. Taoism (pronounced Daoism) is the oldest surviving religion in China. In fact, it is the only legal religion in China other than Atheism.


China and India english Chinese folk religion (simplified Chinese: 中国民间宗教 or 中国民间信仰; traditional Chinese: 中國民間宗教 or 中國民間信仰; pinyin: Zhōngguó mínjiān zōngjiào or Zhōngguó mínjiān xìnyăng) or, controversially, Shenism (pinyin: Shénjiào, 神教) are label islam religion