Marriage is a lot of hard work! Especially in a difficult marriage, often those "lovin' feelings" fade away! Here are 6 ways to stir up love and rekindle romance - the second part of a real and raw post about those times in marriage when we just don't feel like celebrating love, especially for Valentine's Day (or any other holiday, anniversary, etc.)

Ally Lawson always loved Hawkes Brandon. Their break-up was the worst mistake of her life. When a chance to rekindle their flame comes, Ally grabs it and finds herself dragged into his dark past. Hawkes was the FBI’s secret weapon. His clairvoyance prevented numerous attacks on the American people. But when Hawkes had enough of being a political pawn, he left. Hawkes’ ex-boss, Agent Cushman finds him and demands him to once more avert a terrorist attack. But something is wrong. Can…

Rekindle Love in Marriage in 10 Practical Ways | Aha!NOW

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Are you undergoing an abusive relationship? Read this post to know more about the early signs of an abusive relationship - learn to avoid them early in life

You can rekindle love with the alcoholic in your life. Click the image for some cool ideas.

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Love is hard work. If your “happily ever after” isn’t happening, the romance in your relationship is not gone forever. Here are 14 ways to rekindle love.

Ah, physical touch - especially non-sexual touch - is so so so stinking important to a healthy and happy marriage! I loved this article - especially the tip about 8 to 10 touches a day!

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