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Reinforced concrete cast onto steel decking, supported by beams or load bearing walls.

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Eladio Diestel Architect l his thin shell vaulting roof construction of bricks and ceramic tiles - cheaper and lighter than reinforced concrete, doesn't require ribs or beams l Salto Bus Terminal, Uruguay

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Alexandra Road estate, Camden, London, 1968-1978, Grade II listed. Architect: Neave Brown, Architecture Department, Camden Council.

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Reinforced Concrete Sloped Roof Slab Overhang Detail Section detail of a reinforced concrete sloped ( inclined ) slab overhang cantilever detail, supported from a concrete beam. Cantilever longitudinal and transverse reinforcement bars, supporting beam reinforcement details, adjucent slab top bottom reinforcement. Slab thickne

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Jamie North Innerouter, Flume 2013 fibre reinforced concrete (portland cement, coal ash, steel slag, iron oxide), plant species include; Ficus rubiginosa (Port Jackson Fig) and Pyrrosia rupestris (Rock Felt Fern), Psilotum nudum (Fork Fern)

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Winding tower of the Shime coal mine is 47.65 metre (156.3ft) tall, used to access underground mine lying more than 430 metre (1411ft) depth, built of unpainted reinforced concrete. It is located in Shime-town,Kasuya,Fukuoka,Japan, and was built from 1941 to 1943. Closed in 1964.

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