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Free Reindeer Fact Story from a complete unit called "First Grade December Common Core Activities". It can be found on tpt or at the website:

Reindeer Unit

Are you teaching about reindeer (or caribou) in your class this year? If yes, this unit is for you! Here is what you will find in this pack: “Reindeer Facts” read aloud Close read Comprehension questions page Reindeer facts graphic organizer Reindeer facts sentence writing Bubble map Class survey Writing sentences with vocabulary words Reindeer story writing with vocabulary box Interviews Fact/Opinion sorting Interactive Notebook pages Can, Have, Are Vocabulary words Flip flap book KWL ...

First Grade Smiles: Reindeer Facts and Fun - Fiction and Nonfiction Literacy activities to get through the month of December

Christmas Science: What You Should Know About Reindeer

Because of the song Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, these beautiful creatures are are synonymous with Christmas. Here are ten fascinating facts about reindeer that your kids will be delighted to know.…

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