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What Is Energy Healing? #infographic


What is Reiki and How Can It Help You? | Reiki is very beneficial to healing both the mind, body and spirit. Learn more about it or schedule a #reiki session here:


Reiki - How do I handle non-believers?

A lot of Reiki professionals have a real block with explaining Reiki to others! In this blog post, Angela Coleman explains how she uses research along with her knowledge of traditional Japanese reiki to deal with this. With its origins in Japanese Buddhism, Reiki overlaps now with some of the newer therapies being used in mainstream healthcare. Let's bridge the two and help Reiki become more mainstream. Sign up at the for FREE strategies for explaining Reiki, or pin and save for later.

Do you have a green thumb or like to grow plants? Lucky for you, there are 3 healing herbs that you can grow at home that can treat common illnesses lie tummy problems and headache. Share this post if you think it's interesting! Also known as Saint Joseph's Wort, basil is more than just an ingredient in Italian pesto sauce. The French considered it as l'herbe royale or the royal herb due its... Read more @


Reiki Course: