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Regular Polygon - math word definition - Math Open Reference

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Regular & Non-Regular Polygons Geometry worksheet

Regular & Non-Regular Polygons Geometry Worksheet~ In this geometry work sheet, the students cut out shapes of various polygons and glue or tape them to a T chart. The T chart is divided by Regular Polygons and Non-Regular Polygons. A Regular Polygon is made only of sides that are of equal length, and of angles that are all equal. Irregular or Non-Regular Polygon's sides or angles are not all the same. T chart is in Boardmaker and non-Boardmaker formats


Regular polygon area formula - Math Open Reference

This is a great page that summarizes the area of regular polygons (and is a lot more organized than my notes! :P )

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Matching Activity: Finding the Apothem of Regular Polygons using Trig

First step to finding the Area of Regular Polygon is to find the length of the apothem. Matching Activity: Finding the Length of the Apothem This...


There are a number of area of a regular polygon formulas as shown below. In regular polygons all the sides are equal in length. And so, even if the length of one side is given, we can calculate the area of a regular polygon with the help of the following formula, AREA = S2 N / 4 tan ( π / N )

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Geometry Area of Regular Polygons

This is a set of two worksheets that can be used to help students find the area of regular polygons. The first worksheet contains only hexagons, s...