Grow green onions in water.  Easy method for regrowing green onions from your garden or the grocery store!  #eatingrichly

How to Grow Cut Green Onions

Growing Green Onions!  (Things I'm Thinking About on Tuesday, 4-8-2014) [from Kalyn's Kitchen]

Growing Green Onions, and Things I'm Thinking About (4-8-2014)

DIY An Endless Supply of Green Onions | see how to regrow onions without a garden or a green thumb!!!

Green onions can regrow from as little as an inch of the bulb end.DIY An Endless Supply Of Green Onions

Regrowing green onions.  Just take the roots, cut off wilted tops, and repot in fresh humus.  This growth was from a week.

Fast, Cheap, and Good: Sustainability, One Choice at a Time: An Onion Tale

Save money by regrowing onions!

Regrow Green Onions

Next time you chop green onions for a soup, salad, or other yummy dish…save the bulbs! Just put them in water and regrow them!

Regrow green onion from scraps

Regrow green onion from scraps

So I tried the Regrowing green onions tip I saw on pinterest. Left = one day, right = one week. Never buying green onions again!!

Just used some spring onions in dinner tonight, have saved the stalks and will try this! Pop a post it note on it asking everyone not to throw out and hopefully I get similar results! Will post a pic in one week :)

How To Regrow Green Onions and Other Veggies:)

How To Regrow Green Onions and Other Veggies

How To Regrow Green Onions and Other Veggies. these grew so fast, then I replanted them in the garden.