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Making a 10 to Add is a great math strategy to help students mentally add bigger numbers. It's a skill I picked up somewhere along the way i...


Here is a fun math center activity where students will practice writing and solving two addition addition problems with and without regrouping.Students simply spin a two digit number from the 1st spinner, and a two digit number from the second spinner, write the numbers on the sheet and solve the equation!Included in this download:- 2 digit addition spinners- 2 different recording sheetsFun, simple, and hands-on way to practice an important math skill!


Oh no! All the doors are locked and we really need to unlock the kitchen door. But to open the kitchen door kids need to answer correctly all the math problems in the ‘Unlocking the Door’ worksheet. Think your little ones can do it? Just print the worksheet, hand it to them, and find out how good their math is. Kids will need to know addition and subtraction with regrouping to be able to crack this one!