I have made these mistakes over the past week as well. Kicking myself for allowing my pride to shrink so low. Reacting in ways that were totally out of character for me. Saying things out of emotion and anger. That I regret. I was hurt. I can't take these things back. All I can do is move forward. Trust that what's meant to be will be. Everything happens for a reason. It is what it is. I'm on the road to recovery. One heartbeat at a time.

When you give yourself permission to communicate what matters to you in every situation you will have peace despite rejection or disapproval. Putting a voice to your soul helps you to let go of the negative energy of fear and regret. Quote by Patricia Fidler

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And I am, I don't regret it. I learned a lot and made some of the most amazing memories. We sure were something else.. And like you said a few weeks ago we were crazy about each other and will never find a love like that ever again.

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I broke my rules for you.. Told myself I didn't want to date anyone and then you stumbled into my life and I broke my rules for you, and all you did was break my heart in return

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Truth....it's like you're feeling everything all at once, but so numb at the same time :-/ Been there. Thankful i made it through.

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