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Region 5 gymnastics

The 4 Keys to Proper Running Breathing

Here is the complete runner's guide for proper breathing when running and exercising : #Running #Breathing #Exercise

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Follow These 5 Yoga Poses To Reduce Stubborn Belly Fat

Belly fat can be so stubborn and one of the hardest areas on the body to eliminate that fat. Sometimes it might even be the first thing someone notices about you so it can make you very self-conscious and it actually affects your overall health. The fat in the abdominal region is actually linked to ...

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Region 5 Gymnastics Forward Progress 2014 Got some videos from forward progress this year! This is a region 5 camp held at IGI. It was a ton of fun watching all the girls from different gyms in the area. There's a ton of talent in region 5 this year :) Also I apologize for the terrible video quality. I had to resort to filming with my iPod that's from 2008!