Refrigerator magnets

Deborah Velásquez: Feeling Crafty with Glass Magnets

1 inch glass pebbles (Dollar Tree- about come 30 in a bag); Easy DIY instructions for pretty glass refrigerator magnets with glass beads from floral supplier & patterned craft papers.

Succulent jar magnets -- make these in minutes and use on your fridge and more!

Succulent Jar Magnets

Mini Succulent Jar Magnets -- Great how to for making these in minutes! So cute as refrigerator magnets!

How to make a gift bag. Refrigerator Magnet Gift Packets - Step 10

Refrigerator Magnet Gift Packets

Create these cute little gift packets for your homemade glass tile refrigerator magnets.put small metal washers on back to hold magnets on front.

SCRABBLE FRIDGE MAGNETS! So easy & so affordable! You have got to try these.

Scrabble Fridge Magnets

I have wanted magnetic fridge letters forever! The ones you buy at the store are such poor quality though, they always fall off and they take up so much sp

Set of 3 Cat Magnets  Painted Rocks  Cat by PetRocksbyTheresa

Set of 3 Cat Magnets - Painted Rocks - Cat Refrigerator Magnets - Cats painted on a Rock - Cat Rock - Cat Stone - Hand Painted Cat Rock

Below you will see how to make:    Personalized Hand Sanitizers  Storing your Boots  Wrapped Letters  Shredded T-Shirt  Christmas Photo Tag...

DIY Photo Magnets from Glass Gems or Marbles.also cute with scrapbook paper for decorative magnets!