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Spitting up & Reflux in a breastfed baby - great article differentiating a "simple" spit up from and GER/GERD in babies.

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Home Remedies for Acid Reflux in Babies

Note: Consult a doctor if your baby is showing signs of poor growth, along with spitting up food forcefully, recurrent vomiting, blood in the stool, chronic coughing and unusual irritability after eating. These signs indicate a more serious condition like gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), which can cause poor growth. Like adults, infants also tend to …

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Reflux in babies: Projectile vomit ISN'T normal

Blog post at KiddyCharts : My son is now five years old; he sleeps well, and he's a relaxed, if slightly manic, little boy. But barely two weeks into his[..]

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Silent reflux in babies: Why won't anyone listen to me

This dog is a hero! "Baby Benjamin has some bad acid reflux and spits up often. Mom put him in his swing to nap while she went to feed his big brother lunch. Ben was just out of sight when our Boston Terrier-border collie mix started whining and barking to get Mom's attention - Baby Ben was choking in his sleep."