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AirPlay in the Classroom: Apple TV vs Reflector App

Deploying iPads in Education. While setting up an individual iPad is really simply, configuring and managing large numbers of the devices is a little more complicated. It’s important that you get your iPad configuration correct from the start to prevent loss of data and apps later on which will cost your school money and your staff time.

Reflector App for Mac and Windows and the iOS device from Kathy Schrock's Kaffeeklatsch. Kathy (as always) provides a great review of using Reflector to mirror iOS devices using AirPlay on your Mac or Windows machine. Makes it easy to mirror an iPad for demonstration purposes in the classroom using a computer connected to a projector.

Reflector App Teacher Tutorial. This shows you how to use Reflector as a comparison tool. Another idea is that you could have every student mirror their iPads as they work and your SMART Board will turn into a similar version of Lanschool.