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from The Daily Dot

A web designer built a magic mirror that displays weather information

A magic mirror powered by a raspberry pi. Best Christmas present I've ever put together. Detailed tutorial in comments. - Imgur

from The Verge

DIY smart mirrors are still irresistible, and this one has a touchscreen

Every few weeks a new homespun smart mirror pops up on Reddit. The formula is pretty staid by now: put an LCD and a Raspberry Pi behind a one-way mirror, and now you have a weather widget to look...

This guy made a PipBoy 3000A using Rasberry Pi

This guy made a PipBoy 3000A using Rasberry Pi

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This is my attempt at making a portable emulator using a raspberry pi zero inside a Gameboy advance. (#QuickCrafter)

from howchoo

Pi Cart: a Raspberry Pi Retro Gaming Rig in an NES Cartridge

I put a Raspberry Pi in an NES Cartridge for playing retro games (x-post r/raspberry_pi) Check out the full project Don't Forget to Like Comment and Share! -

from Lifehacker

Use a Raspberry Pi to Power a Fancy Clock and Display Panel

Considering the Raspberry Pi’s a mini computer, it should come as no surprise one of the more common projects is a dashboard-style display. Over on GitHub, DIYer n0bel has a guide to turning the Pi into a smart clock.


Something we loved from Instagram! Raspberry Pi 3 announced! Details are sketchy but we do know it will have built in wireless lan bluetooth and maybe Arm Excited to see what they do with the GPU. by retro.pi.guy Check us out