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Breathable Clothes That Aren't Too Revealing

Breathable Clothing That's Not Too Revealing


Star Wars : une nouvelle théorie de fan sur les origines de Rey

Et si l'héroïne du "Réveil de la Force" avait en fait des origines royales ? En attendant l'épisode VIII, c'est en tout cas ce qu'imagine une nouvelle théorie de fan née sur les forums de Reddit...

Is There Any Real Evidence For ‘Pizzagate?’ Reddit CEO Fans Conspiracy Theory Flames

Fan Theory on Gen 2 Pokemon Stats!   With Pokemon GO slowly but surely running out of stuff to do, the community will be excited to learn what’s next for the game. View Spreadsheet of all Pokemon CP Stats HERE A Few days ago, Reddit user khrawn calculated the attack, defense, and stamina of all evolved Gen …

Star Wars 8: Fan theory claims to solve Rey's parentage mystery

Sean Bean's Reddit AMA Was Everything You Could Hope For

He may have been appearing to promote his new show, Legends , but started by seeming to confirm a major fan theory in Game of Thrones.


5 Fan Theories About Cartoons That Will Ruin Your Childhood

5 Fan Theories About Cartoons That Will Ruin Your Childhood | - But wait, back up: What happened to all the other WALL-E-type robots that were left on Earth? We see their broken bodies scattered here and there -- why is WALL-E still functional when all of his brethren are broken down robo-corpses? Easy: According to this theory from Reddit, WALL-E freaking destroyed them over a 700-year-long murder spree. That's why there's still so much garbage covering the planet after so long…

Blair Witch Fan Theory Proposes The Witch Is Innocent And Time Travel Is To Blame

Reddit fan theory says that Rustin Parr is the killer in the Blair Witch Project and time travel allowed it.

This "Dark Knight" Fan Theory Makes The Joker The Hero

A Reddit user has written a pretty convincing fan theory surrounding The Dark Knight which will probably change the way you watch it ~forever~.

6 Insane (But Convincing) Fan Theories About Kids' Cartoons