The award-winning images that capture the haunting beauty of the world... all taken on an iPhone

High art on a mobile phone: The incredible photographs taken using only an iPhone that won in the seventh annual iPhone Photography Awards

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Shakespeare would probably encourage people screwing around with his vagueness, as long as they kept in all the dirty jokes

To support Edgeworth's case, perhaps the books are out of order... HOWEVER, a librarian could've been the photographer, briefly misplacing the books to take a photo to show off their humor

If anyone is wondering, these two characters are from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

I’ve Always Loved British Humor

I’ve Always Loved British Humor

Drill holes, put marbles in holes, bring on the sunshine! (would probably be cool at night, too!)

Drill holes and put in some marbles.

Drill holes in your fence and insert marbles! So neat! Wow, drill holes in your fence and insert marbles! So neat! Bring happy to everyone who passes by. a smile guaranteed. By: Homestead Survival

So does this: | 21 Signs You’ve Been British Too Long

Aussies share BRITISH (not English) logic. Does any other country share American logic?

take a look at The Top 30 Trending Nail Art Designs Of All Season.

Top 30 Trending Nail Art Designs And Ideas

See which top-rated products really come in handy (wink) for your nails. Pinned for the color and simple design. My top rated product is opi nail envy!

simple vintage desk home office

House Tour: a small home with all the world inside

"The Psychology of Color in Film" (Part 1) by Studio Binder | Movie color scheme cheatsheet.

The Psychology of Color in Film