How to raise red worms cheap, it's easy, and fun (not sure about the accuracy of the scientific information, but the practical stuff looks sound)

Good pictures of leonardite mineral-rich rock dust containing high levels of humic acid!

Eisenia fetida versus hortensis, Red wigglers or European

Worms Etc, Red wiggler composting worms and live bait worms for sale. Lots of FREE info about keeping worms and composting with them.

How to Keep Worms in Your Garden

Why breed red worms or purchase red worms for your garden when you can make a simple red worm and night crawler tower? See (video) of how simple it is to keep and attract red worms and night crawlers.

Compost Guy | Turning Wastes Into Resources

Happy belated Earth Day, everyone!you might assume that if there was going to be ONE day I might publish a post here it would be on Earth Day!

Red Worm Composting (web site all about vermicomposting!)

Includes: using a kitchen compost container, types of kitchen composters, and less waste.

Worm beds, making worm beds, backyard composting, backyard composting how to

Fishing bait, red compost worms, building a compost bin, worm farms, earthworm observation

Red Worm Composting

Red Wiggler Worms, European Nightcrawlers and loads of helpful Worm Composting Information

worm composting, this site is great!!  so easy to follow and great advice!  ~

Red worm composting Lots of helpful ideas including setup, what to feed your worms, etc.

How to Get Started Raising Red Wiggler Worms | Home Guides | SF Gate

How to Get Started Raising Red Wiggler Worms

Nightcrawlers and compost go together like soil and garden plants. These and other worm varieties are key factors in breaking down organic matter in a compost bed or pile. The worms recycle food .

Red Worm CompostingBuy Composting Worms - Red Worms & European Nightcrawlers

If you are looking for healthy, vigorous composting worms (Red Worms and European Nightcrawlers) and unparalleled customer care, you will definitely be in good

Seriously. They are they best!! reduce your garbage by 25% and have AMAZING soil for your flowers and veggies to grow in. #green

Gardening Uncle Jims Worm Farm 250 Count Red Wiggler Live Composting Worms * Detailed information on this gardening item can be found by clicking on the image

Red Worms  #Amazmerizing

Adventures in Self-Sufficiency: Intro to Vermicomposting (Composting with Worms)

Build a compost bin for red worms: vermicomposting

Build an inexpensive compost bin for red worms and get started on basic vermicomposting! What is Vermicomposting? "Vermicomposting is

Homestead Revival: Breakfast For Red Worms And Me!

I love how composting is a step in completing the cycle from product to waste to ingredient for more product. The more I homestead, the more.