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Apothic Red - This is the sneaky red wine. It's not too expensive, around ten bucks, but it's really tasty and full flavored. Apothic Red is always what the girls "oooohh" to when someone pulls it out of the brown grocery bag. Smooth and easy.

from Delia Online

Venison Sausages Braised in Red Wine

Venison Sausages Braised in Red Wine had it for dinner last night with green beans and potatoes...utter lushness

from The Veg Space

Mulled Blackberry Wine

This Mulled Blackberry Wine is too good to save just for Christmas, I've served it on Bonfire Night whilst waiting for fireworks and it was SO good! Toasted vegan marshmallows and sparklers obligatory!

from Wine Folly

Shortlist of Sweet Red Wines To Know

Sweet red wines to know by Wine Folly -

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10 Best Wines Under $20

10 Best Wines Under $20 This full-bodied Apothic Red ( $13.99) has an incredibly savory black cherry and mocha flavor that feels almost like a forbidden indulgence. (Key word: almost.)

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Gordon Ramsay’s Beef Wellington

I have had Beef Wellington on my cooking bucket-list for years. But I was afraid of it. Too many steps. Too hard to get the meat cooked to the