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The vanishing robins: warmer winters make a redbreat a rare sight

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British Robins ... can't beat them! Wherever I've lived there has always been a robin who has totally befriended me - and I've always named them "Tim" in honour of one of my fave authors Derek Tangye, who wrote about one in his books ♥ It's unusual to see two sitting together like this; despite their endearing image they are very aggressive little birds, and will fight to the death over their territory.

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Tiny English Robins waiting for lunch! They will sit on the spade while you dig, looking for worms.

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Sweet little robin...Ross Hoddinott UK Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013

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Such a beautiful eye. The eye is the window of the soul--even for this little one!

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Your pictures of Scotland: 12 to 19 December

no matter what Kind of bird and way of art; i adore those dark, round, big and sparkling eyes.

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