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Organic, Slow-Cooker Red Palm Oil Bone Broth http://kitchen.nutiva.comorganic-slow-cooker-red-palm-oil-bone-broth/?utm_content=buffer4e55a&utm_medium=social&


red palm oil - buttery culinary oil for sauces and such check out red palm oil recipes at

What is palm oil doing in a superfood kitchen? Unrefined red palm oil is ultra rich in antioxidants and has more nutrients than coconut oil.

from Carrie On Living

Red Palm Oil Roasted Zucchini

Red Palm Oil Roasted Zucchini from Carrie on Living |

Red Palm Oil--Look for virgin organic at health food stores or online. Take 2T per day. Use like jam on toast/english muffins or like butter on potatoes/sweet potatoes, in oatmeal, to cook with in stir-fry (has a high smoke point)or even as a salad dressing. Helps the heart, brain and even lowers belly fat!

Organic Vegan Buttery Spread It is made from a blend of red palm oil and virgin coconut oil. It's the perfect 1:1 butter replacement for baking or cooking. antioxidant vitamins A & E naturally found in red palm oil. Coconut oil provides the added health benefits of lauric acid. •Organic •Non-GMO •Virgin coconut oil •Sustainably-sourced red palm oil •Fair trade certified red palm oil •No hexane, dairy, soy or canola •Non-hydrogenated (Zero Trans fats!) •No cholesterol •Vegan