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Rod Reis/Colourist Images

Red Lanterns Vol 1 / Red Lantern Corps - Penciler: Ed Benes / Inker: Rob Hunter / Colourist: Rod Reis


Red Lantern, I'd quote the red lantern chant, but I can't remember it for the life of me. They were badass, shame they only got like 2 issues.

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Just thought I'd clear up any confusions...

Lantern oaths. White, whose oath has not yet been spoken, represent life. Red is rage. Orange is avarice. Yellow, the Sinestro Corps, is fear. Green is willpower. Blue is hope. Indigo tribe (oath spoken and written in native tongue) is compassion. Star Sapphires wield love. Black represent death.


(Red Lantern Corps - Mera - Atrocitus) (Agent Orange - Lex Luthor - Larfleeze) (Sinestro Corps - Scarecrow - Sinestro) (Green Lantern Corps - Ganthet - Hal Jordan) (Blue Lantern Corps - Barry Allen - Flash - Saint Walker) (Indigo Tribe - Ray Palmer - Atom - Indigo-1) (Star Sapphire - Wonder Woman - Carol Farris) (Black Lantern Corps - Black Hand) (White Lantern Corps - Deadman - Bloody Samoan)