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There is no colour... it is illusion. Like dreams... it is only the aching loss that tints the sadness with a blinding rage.

from Playbuzz

What Temperature Is Your Temperament?

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"When you will then see the moon turn to blood, your eyes will illuminate with it's reflection. In that moment, you will become an oracle. In that moment, you will wish you'd never desired to become wise."


Werewolf ~ I don't know if this is possible, but I would love to have this as a tattoo (if its possible because I'm thinking of the colours used...) if I were to have it as a tattoo, I'd have it the same in this picture and in the middle (bottom) of my back.


If you look closely, The eye picks up more than you think. A simple blur becomes something. A light becomes a shape. A word becomes colorfull. Jessie J's Lyrics