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Its not uncommon to get some bruising of the white part of the eye during LASIK. Its cause by the suction that is applied to the surface of the eye by the Intralase laser. Its rarely this bad and the redness usually disappears within 7-10 day. There is no effect on the actual vision correction surgery


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DDX for patient presenting with "red eyes"


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Shallot & red wine sauce

Gordan Ramsey red wine sauce for steaks: 250g shallots sliced, 4 tbsp olive oil, 1 garlic clove lightly crushed, sprig rosemary, 5 tbsp balsamic vinegar, 400ml red wine, 400ml beef or brown chicken stock preferably homemade, knob of butter

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Smart Furniture Arrangement for Long, Narrow Rooms

Long Narrow Room

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Floral fancy: Pictures of floral-related lusciousness - myLusciousLife

Floral fancy: Pictures of floral-related lusciousness - myLusciousLife This shows the colour palette of "Oriental Poppies" 1927. Both the individual colours and the combination draw the eye. The poppy petals look velvety yet they have an element of transparency when light is shone on them. These vibrant petals are juxtaposed by the black stamens and again by the slender fluffy stems.


BackDetailsVisine Original Redness Eye Drops is the original relief for red eye…

If you make more than one star you can string them together in a garland. Photograph: Red Ted Art