Colorful bearded dragons

37 Pics So Random You'll Think It Was An Accident

This bearded dragon is beautiful in his/her pastel colors.

FORMER PINNER: " My bf has a bearded dragon named Tommy they are the sweetest lizards and so beautiful!

Phrynocephalus mystaceus Turan Lizaer... it looks like a mix between a Bearded Dragon, a Chameleon, and that other lizard (whatchamacallit)

Phrynocephalus mystaceus An Agama lizard from south central Asia, Iran to Kazakhstan. The have a bright red mouth and cheek display as warning.

Red Bearded Dragons at Reptiles By Mack

Reptiles by Mack is the leading wholesale supplier of Bearded Dragons. Normal Bearded Dragons, Red Bearded Dragons, Citrus Bearded Dragons and many

A ultra rare breed of bearded dragons called the strawberry beards

bearded dragon, you can see it's display of "stress marks" exhibited by the dark oblong circles on it's chest.I don't think this guy was very keen on his picture being snapped!

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hammock holder with 1 hammock "red with white dots" for guinea pigs

Hammock holder with 1 hammock "red with white dots" for guinea pigs