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Classic Recycle Symbol Gets A Update- Everyone is familiar with the circle recycle symbol, which is why it’s time for an update. Turn the circle into a heart shape to remind people to show love for your planet and the future of mankind by recycling.

What Do Plastic Recycling Symbols Actually Mean?

What Do Plastic Recycling Symbols Mean?

Personal pin: I pinned this information on recycling trash because I have always been interested in ways to keep the world healthy.

Recycling sign coloring page- template for Jacob's felt shopping bags

Most people can identify the recycle symbol. This needs a low cognitive effort.

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You’ve seen them before. The little number surrounded by triangle arrows on the bottom of your shampoo bottle and other plastic items. You know you should recycle your plastic items but have you been recycling them properly?

Reuse, reduce, recycle poster design.  Include reuse symbol imag

Include reuse symbol image, seamless reuse paper texture in swatch palette and stencil alphabet.

Don't Be Trashy T-Shirt

Show and inspire others with this recycle symbol Don't Be Trashy shirt.

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Image result for recycle symbol earrings