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I can so see this in my future. Recovering a fainting couch or combing an old table w vintage chair would work. Cost effective and totally functional. Whimsical w/ shabby chic country

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ALL of YOU!!! I wouldn't assume my way is the "right" way, but it might be simpler, easier or more efficient. I am happy to help you figure that out.

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She looked at Noah's empty milkshake cup and signed. She hung her head, looking down at the diner table and groaned. How could she think this was a real date? He was just the ultimate player who wanted to show the world that he could even snag a Ringer.

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studyrelief: “ “14th april 2016 : [54/100 days of productivity] ” taken from my ig: @study.relief // i did my test for the HL Geography Paper 3 and these were the notes i made last night (till 2AM) and they’re double sided. i was seriously burnt out...

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