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Top 10 Home Recording Studio Mistakes

Those who wish to make indie films will be excited to find out it can be done. It can even look great with a next to nothing budget. The people at Ghost Walk Productions make it look effortless while creating a indie short film,


John Sayers' Recording Studio Design Forum • View topic - Need Consult on 2-Story 3-Car Garage Studio Build


An early recording session at Abbey Road Studios. Fifty years ago today (6/6/62) The Beatles did their first recording session with George Martin at Abbey Road studios. Turned out pretty good for them, I think.


DIY tutorial on how to build a $38 microphone isolation booth for recording voice over and singing in your home recording studio. Do it yourself, with no power tools! Does your microphone pick up all kinds of noise when you're recording vocals? Nasty room echo ruining your masterpiece? You need a desktop isolation booth, so you can enjoy some p...