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Sometimes I stay late and decorate bc construction is still happening and that's just part of it... I'm ok with it tonight bc I really love staring at this reclaimed #shiplap fireplace. I always get sad knowing this will be the last time in a project- we really love the homes we work on and even though it's business I take these homes personal. I love my job and our clients!! #fixerupper #reveal #seasonthreeiscoming @hgtv


Are you kidding me? First this is absolutely gorgeous and I want it. Second, that is WALLLPAPER! (Woodplank wallpaper on chimney breast)


DIY Reclaimed Wood Fireplace

Step 7 - For the edges, angle the ends of the wood so they fit together and come to an edge like this photo. For the sides of the frame, nail pieces of reclaimed wood directly to the 2 x 4s. To make a removable "door" on one side of the frame to access your cable box, simply nail two or three pieces of reclaimed wood together using two crossbars of wood. Secure this to the side of the frame using a latch of your choosing. When you are ready to access the cable box, simply undo the latch and…


The process of cladding a dated or old fashioned involves using PAR pine to construct a frame around the fireplace, especially usef...