Recipes with mung beans

Easy Vegan Falafel Burger. Chickpea patties (OMIT all spices except garlic and cilantro, additionally OMIT sesame and oil, substitute citric acid for lemon flavor, and no sauce or toppings except lettuce/ mung bean sprouts for PHASE 1 Exzema Diet)
Vegan Shepherd's Pie - Easy & delicious version with veggies, lentils and the perfect potato mash
Feta and Black Bean Burger recipe from Hemsley + Hemsley's The Art of Eating Well. Serve cold, falafel-style in lettuce cups or wraps with our Probiotic Tomato Ketchup and our Mung Bean Hummus or eat them hot, sandwiched between two slices of Flax Sandwich Bread  along with avocado, rocket leaves and our Ginger Poppy Seed Mayonnaise.
This easy to make Creamy Coconut Lentil Curry takes less than an hour to make
A vegan curry filled with delicious mung beans and sweet potatoes, topped with crunchy cashews and served with kale and fermented vegetables | A nutritious dinner that you'll love!
A warm and deliciously spicy mung bean curry, coconut oil, onions and carrots. Enjoy as a soup or serve with brown rice for a more substantial meal. Purely Vegan, and of course gluten free.
Dal. Simple and frugal food heaven. I could eat this every day. Might have to if this recession keeps up.
THE SUPER NOODLE SALAD w. TAHINI DRESSING | | Vegan, dairy free, gluten free, and vegetarian. | Click for healthy recipe. | Via Good Eatings
Whole green mung dal | Green Moong dal Recipe | Sabut moong dal curry. I wanted a little more spice, and added cayenne. Served with brown rice.
Thai Noodle Salad with Peanut Lime Dressing - veggies, chicken, brown rice noodles, and an easy homemade dressing. |
This rainbow noodle salad is absolutely full of great flavours, with rice noodles, zucchini noodles and carrot noodles, tons of crunchy veggies and a zingy sauce, every mouthful is exciting!! Click through to see just how easy this delicious, light salad is to make!
Punjabi Kadhi pakora recipe
Indian Dals Names, Dals and Legumes - Indian Dal Names in English and Hindi with pictures. Split Chickpeas (Chana Dal), Red Lentils (Masoor Dal), Petite Yellow Lentils (Mung Dal) and more | Vegan Richa
Make Ahead Super Green Vegan Quinoa Burritos   	   - Vegan burritos packed with all the good stuff - quinoa, mung beans, and lots of kale -  tossed with a creamy, serrano-spiked avocado dressing.  - from
She's MEAN, She's GREEN and She's full of PROTEIN! Loaded with green veggies, Mung Bean Burger from An Ode To Mung Beans
This easy to make Creamy Coconut Lentil Curry takes less than an hour to make (mostly hands off time) and is packed full of delicious Indian flavors. It's a healthy vegan recipe that makes a perfect meatless Monday dinner recipe. Make extras and you'll have a giant smile on your face at lunch the next day. |