Recipes with eel sauce

Sweet potatoes are roasted up with maple syrup and sesame oil, rolled in rice coated nori sheets and sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds to make these flavorful sweet potato sushi rolls.
"I order the NorCal Roll when I go there. It's a California roll with eel, deep fried in tempura batter w/ this spicy chipotle Sauce drizzled across the top. Yumm!" (Osaka Sushi reviewed by ShaiViewz)
Japanese Sesame Steak Sauce
Eel sauce - A sweet and salty sauce that goes great with grilled fish or chicken.
You will like unagi in your sushi rolls or perhaps as a part of your omakase course. Or, maybe you just like to eat white rice with eel sauce (if you haven’t, it’s a game changer, try it). No matter what form, or what you call it whether “unagi” or “eel”, it’s a fatty, meaty and delicious sushi and a much-loved staple of Japanese food enthusiasts around the world. So what is unagi, anyway? It seems like it should be seafood, because it is often listed on the sushi menu, but is it something…
Smoked eel with artichokes, salad, apples, blackberries, and horseradish | New Scandinavian Cooking
3 recipes posted in as many days! I'm on a roll! In truth, the recipes I'm posting this week are all in lead-up to a big post I plan to make next week, which will be referring back to all of them. It'll be a fun one! Anyway, *this* post is all about sushi sauce. We love making sushi at home. While we do tend to stick to a certain few items (Tuna and/or salmon, usually with avocados, cucumber, and/or mango), sometimes we like to branch out and have a bit more fun wi...
A sweet and salty sauce that goes great with grilled fish or chicken.
[I Ate] A Bulldog Roll - Tempura Shrimp Crab & Avocado topped with Eel & Eel Sauce
The Monkey Roll: tuna, crab, eel and asparagus inside. The entire roll was fried in a walnut, tempura mix and drizzled with eel sauce. It was plated over sriracha and spicy mayo
The Crunchy Munchy Roll ~ Fried crab stick, cucumber, avocado, Sriracha, topped with tempura crunch, shrimp and eel sauce #sushi #fresh #drakes #malones #harrys #lexington
Until the other day, I thought Eel Sauce was made with eel.  Turns out, it was traditionally used as a sauce on eel, hence the name.   1/2...
Mango Roll with crab, mango and avocado topped with tuna, salmon, spicy mayo and eel sauce from Drunken Fish.
Sushi Eel Sauce - 1/2 cup soy sauce, 1/2 cup white sugar, 1/2 cup mirin (Japense wine vinegar) Heat all ingredients together in small suacepot over medium heat.  Cook and stir until liquid is reduced to about 3/4 cup.
2011 Roll: tuna, salmon, yellowtail and asparagus inside. It is covered with tuna, yellowtail and tobiko and drizzled with eel sauce and spicy mayo.