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Banana cake that's kosher for passover and actually quite tasty.  Just be sure to thoroughly mix in the egg whites, otherwise you'll end up with a merengue top like I did!
Egg Kichel - Easy Cookie Recipe - Kosher Cookies - Sugar Cookies
Bow Ties (Egg Kichel) Recipe
Egg Kichel          Recipe, thanks to  Inside the Jewish Bakery  by Ginsberg and Berg.       Kichel  (Bow Tie cookies) often tastes...
Jewish Bow Tie Cookies (Egg Kichel) Recipe
Recipe for Light and Airy Jewish Bow Tie Cookies (Egg Kichel)
A kichel dough or batter is an all-purpose egg-and-oil batter that is one of the foundations for Jewish baking. It’s easy, pareve and quite flexible. Here with lots of fruit filling it’s a delicious classic from many sisterhood cookbooks …
Sweet Nothings - Egg Kichel for Chanukah
Egg Kichel #bowtiecookies . #EasternEuropean tea cookie. Full recipe: