Vegan Gluten free Zucchini Bread

Easy Whole Grain Spelt Bread with Flax and Sesame

This nutritious Whole Grain Spelt Bread Recipe with flax and sesame seeds is super easy to make. It is also much better and more economical than store bought bread. (Paleo Biscuits Against All Grain)

Multi-Grain Sandwich Bread, from The Bojon Gourmet: millet, steel cut oats and polenta are soaked in boiling water with honey and butter. Flaxseeds, whole wheat and bread flours make a soft dough that bakes into a lofty loaf.

Healthy Protein Waffles

Healthy Protein Waffles - Start your day right with these freezer-friendly waffles made right in a blender! So filling with calories and protein! Thanks to Damn Delicious

Bread Machine Recipe for 100% Whole Wheat Bread with Oats, Bran, and Flax Seed

I don't eat a lot of bread, but when I'm having guests I love to make this Bread Machine Whole Wheat Bread with Oats, Bran, and Flax Seed. And there's nothing like the small of baking bread to m

Lemon Blueberry Bread

~ Easy homemade lemon blueberry Oat bread with walnuts. Absolutely heaven for breakfast warm with butter.

Quinoa Bread

Banana Coconut Flour Bread is naturally sweetened gluten free quick bread with peanut butter. Very simple recipe, no funky ingredients.

Homemade Honery Oat Bread ~ Sprinkle-with-Oats .EASY Soft Honey Oat Bread : the top is brushed w warm honey then sprinkled w rolled oats baked.

Bread Machine Recipe for 100% Whole Wheat Bread with Oats, Bran, and Flax Seed

I make this every week. i substitute regular 100 % whole wheat instead of white whole wheat.Kalyn's Kitchen®: Bread Machine Recipe for Whole Wheat Bread with Oats, Bran, and Flax Seed

Chickpea Oat Crackers

Chickpea and oat crackers, healthy snacks made with simple ingredients. Crispy and crunchy and delicious(Muffin Recette)

Breakfast Cookies

Breakfast Cookies loaded with oats, peanut butter and chocolate chips. Wonderful for breakfast or as a healthy protein packed snack! *** Check this useful article by going to the link at the image.

5 Minute Paleo Banana Bread

This Grain Free & Paleo Banana Bread is incredibly easy to make and it's made in a blender! Light and airy bread with a delicious crust, this banana bread only takes 5 minutes to whip up and then it's in the oven.

Pumpkin Oat Bread

This moist pumpkin bread is made with partially ground oats, whole wheat pastry flour, and maple syrup as the sweetener. A perfect breakfast treat.