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The Snoozle slide sheet is a great option for better sleep if you're in pain. 7 tips to get a good nights sleep. #sleep #tips #sleeping

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Yoga Poses for Insomnia (with pictures)

Yoga Poses for Insomnia (with pictures) I'm not really into the whole yoga thing, for personal reasons, but these are probably good exercises.

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Embrace the Latest Trend: Cool Wool

Insomnia | Can't sleep | So tired | Close your eyes | Need to sleep | Counting sheep | Time for bed | Animal humor | Long day | Longer night! Having a bit of Insomnia? Hope you won't need this team tonight! Here's to sleeping eventually!! Good Night, friends.


there's a serenity in shadow, it doesn't try to blind you with harsh rays or slowly burn you alive, unlike the lights need to be known, it's quiet and all too familiar. No one looks outside at night and gets surprised that it's dark in the Winter, it's for reasons such as this that I find comfort in Darkness, it's like an old friend that visits all the time just to hear your signs of relief and burdens you can't share with a person or the sun, never judging or begging to be known....just…


How Long To Nap For The Biggest Brain Benefits

And with fibro it's always groggy and foggy upon waking. No restorative sleep. Welcome to hell.

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Start Eating these 10 FOODS Every Day and Watch your EYESIGHT Improve!

In order to avoid the shortness of breath, massage your thumb: You probably did not know this, but your thumb is connected to your heart and your lungs. Therefore, if you feel palpitate or shortness of breath, all you need to do is rub your thumb and then pull the lead out. Massage your ring ...


Click here for more signs of loneliness ►►►► If you’re in bed a lot, you might be lonely. Studies suggest that lonely people spend more time in their beds, even though they have trouble sleeping....