10 Killer Butt Workouts For The Perfect Ass

Every girl’s dream is to have a nice toned butt. With the summer ended you definitely want that toned butt for next summer, no slacking! I mean look at the Kardashians and other celebrities who hav…

Harry Potter meets Mean Girls meets Hunger Games:

Not a random a comic book thing.but I'm sorry this is hilarious. Hunger Games/Harry Potter/ Mean Girl all together hahahaha

This new saddle design has cut away much of the traditional surface area meaning the bony parts of your bum don't take any pressure when you're sitting do

Sig MCX with BlueForce sling posted by Larry Vickers

Sig MCX with BlueForce sling posted by Larry Vickers No Buffer Tube?

20 Reactions To How Society Says We Should Look

Curvy girls are just as beautiful as skinny girls. Skinny girls are just as beautiful as curvy girls. Don't bash one to lift the other up then act like that's body-positive. I think this is beautiful and wonderfully put!

Top TV & Movie Cars

{The Awesome Car from "The Munsters" T. I put that detailed description up there because so many people don't remember "The Munsters"

Let's take a moment to thank the Avengers costume department for this: Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye - Nice view!

New renders reveal the upcoming Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia 1 Notable leaker Evan Blass has revealed images of the upcoming Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia 1 in several tweets. The Nokia 7 Plus will be HMD Globals first Android One device and is expected to debut at MWC with the entry-level Nokia 1 at the end of this month. Android One devices run an unmodified version of Googles mobile OS meaning less bloatware and (hopefully) more frequent software updates. The image of the Nokia 7 Plus shows a white…

LG Judy With 6.1-Inch Display Snapdragon 845 SoC Leaked as Successor to G6 LG recently said it was taking a break from its annual launch cycle but that does not mean there are no flagship smartphones to show this year. The company earlier claimed that it would launch new smartphones as they were needed including more variants of its popular G and V-Seies of handsets. To that end the company earlier this week said it would launch a new variant of the V30 thought to be called the V30s at…

Robot Snowplow from Japan Eats Up Snow, Poops Out Bricks

This robot literally shits bricks - funny, robot, literally, shits, bricks.

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Continuous Pencil Means No More Stubs

What we have here is a simple writing tool called the Continuous Pencil, which can be used till the very end. We usually end up discarding pencil stubs…I know my children waste too many saying that short pencils are uncomfortable to hold. So basically you