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Real Superhero Costumes

Superhero Week: The naked truth underneath female superhero costumes

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Easy super hero cape :: I Am Super Capes

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Best fem versions I've seen!!! I don't cosplay....but if I did....this would totally be it!!!

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What seems like forever ago I was at Ringling College of Art and Design working on my bachelors for computer animation. While I was there a friend of mine decided to create superhero alter egos for...

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Pretty much... So many people left the theater during Civil War (on opening weekend no less!) that it was basically me and my friends left. We had Disney bounded since it's cheaper and less time consuming than cosplaying, and so it DID look like this with 'costumes'. (I was Scarlet Witch!)

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Captain Canada weapons universal healthcare, cheaper drugs, better education, kills you with love... or a curling stone to the head

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Why Ryan Reynolds is amazing. He just walked off set with the Deadpool costume

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Female Superhero Costumes Given Practical Redesigns

Artist Lord Ingvard has created a series of of female superhero character designs that feature more practical and functional redesigns for several characters from the DC and Marvel universe. They include Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Elektra, Black Canary, Ms. Marvel, Vampirella, Red Sonja, Power Girl, and Zatanna. Here's what the artist had to say about her at series, and why she did it.

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